finite lovers


He fucked her on the beach. Deep and smooth. With every breath and bead of salty sweat they mimicked the winds of a 1,000 miles; the salt of 1,000 leagues. And when she came- she could not escape the finitude of granulation. She simply crumbled into sand; no matter his effort- he could not grasp her as she slipped between his fingers. The wind blew her away- an afternoon sand storm.

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How I Became a Manwhore – Prologue

PB Rider


A lot of this I’m going to be vague or lie about, but the basic thing is all true.

When I was still a kid my mom died, and when I was in high school my dad, in most respects a monumental fuck-up, married this 25-year old, a woman called Jenny. He was already over 50, and she was gone less than two years later, but in that time she’d made quite an impression.

Two things I can tell you about Jenny might explain this, beyond that she was hot as fuck – long legs, slim figure, great smile and wardrobe like a hooker: the time I found her porn, and the time I caught her screwing the pool guy.


Now I was into my stepmom, but I was a regular high school kid and had other interests, so when she and dad went away for a long…

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