Life is gooooood.

Slept til 1 pm. Ate $2, 50 cent spare rib and noodle from the local Chinese cafe in what will be an extension of China town Brooklyn in five years. Road my bike 3 miles in the sunshine, brick row houses with metal balcony railings, Hasidik Jews, Italian cologne, double parking, and Chinese seafood. And litter. And traffic lights every other block. I tailgated a sweatshirt hooded white boy bumpin hip hop out his cigarette smoking window as he turned the corner; I tried not to smash his car with my bicycle. I stripped naked and jerked off to a few hours of Netflix, cumming about 10 times. It’s raining and thundering now. I should do something productive. Two lamps cast that perfect yellow light. Sitting cross legged on the couch writing stories on my lap top, with only my horned rimmed glasses on- listening to honking and thunderous rain. Best life ever.


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